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Includes a fashion flat gallery

Be inspired by electric fashion and it's pages of professionally drawn fashion flats. The fashion flat gallery inspires with its collection of details, pants, skirts, jackets and more.

Learn to draw details and trim

Discover unique techniques in the detail and trim chapter. Learn to draw all sorts of fashion details including pockets, belts, belt loops, buttons, elastic, drawstrings and more.

Learn to color and fabricate

Liven up your complete fashion flat presentation with backgrounds, borders, text and fabric colors, patterns and scanned fabric. Learn all this and more in the and now presenting chapter.


Electric Fashion is the only textbook of it's kind on the market today that teaches technical flat sketching the way the fashion industry dictates - in it's clear, step-by-step method that anyone can follow. Highly recommended for first-timers, those struggling with Illustrator, or anyone that wishes to expand their fashion know-how to include computer aided flat sketching. A true gem for any fashionista's bookshelf.           

Erin Helgerson - Fashion Designer

DESIGN Downloads


This Adobe Illustrator fashion croqui is fundamental for precise fashion flats. Drawin in proportion to an 8 heads model and with various arm and leg poses.

female croqui


Adobe Illustrator fashion brushes, perfect for seamlessly adding detail to your flats. Collection includes zippers, lace ups, stitching and more.

fashion BRUSHES


Easily add detail to your fashion flats. This collection of 101 fashion details is comprehensive. All details proportioned, precise and grouped for ease of editing.

101 details